Skyrocket Your Success with Home Buyers and Prove Your Value on Day 1

Increase your conversion and closing rate using an Education-Focused Home Buyer Presentation System that sets every client up for success.

"When we heard you were "an amazing realtor", we chalked it up as "everyone says that", but you have truly been amazing."

Jodie W.

"Excellent at explaining tiny details of paperwork and helping us evaluate the pros and cons of every property."

Michele R.

"We felt guided and knowledgeable about every step of our home buying experience from the very beginning."

Jim B.

This is for you if you want to...

Remove the unvoiced fears that secretly hold buyers back.

Learn how to remove home buyer fears and misconceptions EARLY - before you've spent weeks running into roadblocks.

Consistently create loyal clients who make great decisions.

Discover how an education-focused presentation empowers buyers to move forward with confidence and makes you their trusted guide.

Never have to wonder if buyers see your value as their agent.

Show PROOF on Day 1 of the value you bring by teaching your clients how to be successful in their home buying journey.

Now more than ever, Home Buyers need to see proof of their agent's value on Day 1.

Whether your prospect is a warm referral or a cold lead...

Removing their unvoiced fears, misconceptions and knowledge gaps very early on is the key to working with prepared, loyal clients who understand your value as their Buyer's Agent and aren't held back by roadblocks...

And the key to doing this is using The Success With Home Buyers System: A conversion-boosting method centered around an Education-Focused Home Buyer Consultation.

The Success With Home Buyers System puts the tools in your hands and shows you exactly what to do and say at every step.


Hey there, it's Irene Nash.

For over 20 years I've been using the Success With Home Buyers System with every potential home buyer who comes to me.

It has been the key to generating well-informed clients who make great home buying decisions, are excited to work with me, trust my judgment from Day 1, and truly understand my value.

Yes, it's a conversion and referral booster at every step - in a way that's completely win-win, because it sets the client up for the greatest possible success. 

Here are a few things I learned the hard way:

Real estate gurus and other agents always tell you to "show your value" and "get paid what you're worth"... but they rarely show you how to do this in a way that's meaningful to the client, especially early on.

Most standard home buyer presentations are heavy on sales and light on education, overwhelming to the buyer, or so generic they're not helpful.

The traditional system sets agents and buyers up for failure by making it "standard procedure" to show homes to buyers who have had little or no preparation for a major investment that requires well-informed decisions.

We can never assume that even experienced home buyer clients know what they need to know or as much as they think they do.

We can never assume that clients and prospects  - even warm referrals - see a good value exchange for our services unless we show them proof.

Providing a one-on-one, education-focused consultation early on eliminates 90% of the problems agents commonly run into with buyers, creates the best possible client experience, and improves your conversion at every step.

Here's What You Get with the System:
The Complete Presentation, Tools and Training


The Complete Home Buyer Presentation.

  • Ready-to go and filled with professional content.
  • High quality graphics.
  • 3 starting color schemes, and easily customizable to virtually any look. Change the color, style and content further as you'd like.
  • Tutorials on how to use and edit your presentation in PowerPoint, and how to convert it to Google Slides or Adobe Acrobat.


1. Core Concepts and Intro to the System

Important "Big Picture" Concepts to Help You Succeed

  • Why industry myths about home buyers end up hurting real estate agents.
  • The true value of a great buyer's agent.
  • Why even your warmest leads needs the home buyer consultation.
  • What makes a great buyer presentation (and why some presentations turn buyers away).

2. How to Invite the Buyer and Prepare for the Meeting

Exactly What to Say and When to Say It

  • How to use buyer-friendly language to invite prospects and clients.
  • Examples of what NOT to say (including common real estate language that agents use all the time).
  • How to prepare for the meeting in a way that builds your confidence and positions you as the expert.

3. How to Deliver the Presentation

How to Start and Conduct the Meeting

  • The best way to start the meeting (this avoids a common mistake that leaves clients on edge).
  • When to "Plant the Seed for Referrals", and exactly what to say.
  • How to show your value as their agent.
  • How to explain how you get paid.

4. How to Finish in a Way that Sets the Stage for Success

3 Ways to Wrap Up the Presentation

  • How to tailor the end of the presentation depending on which of 3 stages the client is at.
  • The exact language to use in each scenario.
  • Perspective on showing homes before a client is pre-approved.
  • How to prepare for showing homes after the presentation.

5. How to Generate Referrals After Closing

How to Maximize Referrals from Every Client

  • Exactly what to say to harvest the Referral Seed you planted, and when to do it.
  • How to stay top-of-mind afferwards in a way that positions you as the expert.
  • Key concepts that let you generate referrals indefinitely from past clients and sphere (without ever coming across as "salesy").

BONUS 1: Checklists and Client Handouts

Tools that Help You Succeed and Stay On Track

  • Buyer Questionnaire Checklist.
  • Pre-Meeting Checklist.
  • Transaction Timeline Tracker.
  • Loan Comparison Client Handout
  • Presentation Guide to keep you on track.

BONUS 2: Training  - How to Avoid Liability When Talking to Clients

Liability-Reducing Language and Why It's Crucial

  • How to use specific language to reduce liability in any situation.
  • Why knowing how to use this language frees you up to be more helpful to clients.
  • Exact wording you can incorporate in all of your communications.

BONUS 3: Additional Niche-Specific Presentation Material

Optional Material for Specific Areas and Buyer Markets

  • Due Diligence funds section.
  • Investment Property section.
  • How to calculate Capitalization Rate.
  • Investment Property Cap Rate fundamentals.


  • Remove unvoiced fears and misconceptions that hold buyers back.

  • Eliminate common mental roadblocks to buying.

  • Save time by filtering out bad prospects early.

  • Create a strong and lasting bond with buyers who aren't ready yet.

  • Increase your conversion rate without being "salesy".

  • PROVE your value as their Buyer's Agent on Day 1.

The Success With Home Buyers System - Program Contents

Complete step-by-step system includes:

  • Ready-to-go, customizable presentation.
  • In-depth, custom-made training videos for every step. (Not repurposed YouTube videos.)
  • The exact language to use to invite, prepare, and present.
  • How and when to plant the seed for referrals.
  • What NOT to say.
  • Optional topics to fit various client demographics.
  • 3 ways to set the stage to work together.
  • Red flags to look out for.
  • Checklists - Client Handouts - Worksheets
  • Tutorials on how to personalize your presentation.

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